Let’s face it, winter is upon us. But is your vehicle ready for the cold and snowy weather that lies ahead? At Junge Automotive Group, our in-house service center is here to help drivers from Cedar Rapids and Iowa City prepare for the rough winter driving conditions so you can focus on the road ahead.

Winter Tires

The easiest thing you can do to ease your winter driving experience is install tires that are right for the job. Winter tires feature chunky tread blocks that more easily cut through snow to help you find grip on slippery surfaces. Plus, the thousands of tiny grooves in each block provide grabbing power on ice, while a unique rubber compound remains flexible even as the temperatures tumble. It’s this combination of factors that makes winter tires so effective, so give yourself that added confidence by visiting us from Coralville today.


It seems like a small thing, but your wipers are easy to forget about in the grand scheme of preparing your vehicle. However, wipers that leave streaks now will be leaving behind ice and snow later, inhibiting visibility and creating a dangerous situation. A new set of wipers can help with visibility all winter long.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Your battery has the tall task of starting your engine each day, and most of the time it does so without incident. However, starting your engine in the winter requires more power, while simultaneously, the colder temperatures affect how much power your battery has available. If your battery isn’t in great condition, this can make it difficult to start your engine at all. With a simple test, we’ll tell you if your battery needs replacing ahead of this winter.

Contact us to have your vehicle prepped for winter today!

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