What Makes Winter Tires Important?


Winter driving in Iowa is nothing to sneeze at. Each winter you can expect sub-zero temperatures, blizzards, and black ice. All of these conditions make for difficult driving at best and dangerous driving at worst. During this time of deep freezing, it's important to make sure that your vehicle has the most grip and traction that is possible, and there's no other type of tire to provide that than winter tires.

Find out what makes winter tires essential for driving in Iowa winter weather.


Winter tires are designed with a specials tread pattern that is specifically made for traversing slush, snow, and ice in cold temperatures. By shedding snow, avoiding build up, and biting into ice using special siping, winter tires can increase your traction when accelerating, provide shorter stopping distances, and optimize your directional stability at speed.

Even if there isn’t snow or ice on the road, freezing temperatures drastically reduce the effectiveness of most tires. What makes winter tires different is their ability to remain flexible and soft even in below-zero temperatures. The rubber in winter tires is made of a unique rubber compound that resists freezing and becoming solid, allowing you to maintain your handling.

What makes winter tires different from all-seasons is their wider grooves that make for channels that drain water and shed snow. They also have deep slits in the tire treads, called sipes, help to cut through slush and water as well as gripping on ice for improved control and avoiding hydroplaning. Winter tires provide you with about 25-50% more traction than all-season tires.


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